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Dedicated to raising awareness and building demand for Fair Trade in the Bay Area.
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"Free Chocolate" Art Exhibition

Now through February 17 ~ Free
Intersection for the Arts
446 Valencia St. 415-626-2787

Based on research and travel to cacao farms in Ghana and Cuba and to the New York Board of Trade, Bay Area conceptual artist April Banks' first solo exhibition explores cocoa's global journey from farmer, to trader, to chocolate lover. This layered installation illuminates our desire for beauty, sweetness, indulgence, and intoxication within the context of issues of globalism, fair trade, and sustainability. Tracing the complex way in which we participate in global economies, Banks juxtaposes the basic human need, desire, greed, and guilt that drive our structures of consumption.

Thursday January 25th, 7pm
From Bean to Bar: A Chocolate Tasting FREE

Meet Frederick Schilling, founder of DAGOBA Organic Chocolate, and enjoy this delicious and fascinating chocolate tasting event. Schilling will talk about sustainable cocoa farming, equitable trade, how chocolate is made and will do a guided tasting to help you discover the nuances of blends, single origins (country specific) and infused chocolates.

Saturday January 27, 1pm
Conversaton with artist April Banks, FREE

Wednesday February 7, 7pm
Bittersweet Politics: Panel Discussion about fair trade & chocolate with Tex Dworkin (Global Exchange), Ella Silverman (TransFair USA) & Tom Neuhaus (Project Hope & Fairness, Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates), FREE

Join us for a conversation about critical aspects of the production, distribution and consumption of chocolate.