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Black Gold - Wake up and smell the coffee

The Black Gold opening weekend was a success! The figures from the Roxie are excellent - we had a full house on Friday with a strong showing the rest of the weekend. In fact, it did better this weekend at the Roxie than it has done opening weekend in any of the other major cities (NY, Seattle, etc) where it has opened! The Roxie even decided to hold it over an extra week!

More about the film:

After Oil, coffee is the most actively traded commodity
in the world, with $80 billion in retail sales. But for
every $3 cup of coffee, a coffee farmer receives about
3 cents. Most of the money goes to the middlemen,
especially the four giant conglomerates which control
the coffee market.

Tracing the path of the coffee consumed each day to
the farmers who produce the beans, BLACK GOLD asks us
to "wake up and smell the coffee", to face the unjust
conditions under which our favorite drink in produced
and to decide what we can do about it. BLACK GOLD
provides shocking inside view of commodity trading and
offer a compelling introduction to the "Fair Trade"
movement galvanizing consumers around the globe.
Serving as the media centerpiece of a national
campaign promoting Fair Trade coffee, BLACK GOLD
demonstrates the role of the left media as a tool for
shaping public culture and, by extension, in altering
the existing economic paradigm. Ultimately, the film
forces us as Western consumers to question some of our
basic assumptions about our consumer purchases and the
effects on the rest of the world.