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Fair Trade Success at Green Earth!

Green Earth has just received their first shipment of Fair Trade rice, coffee, and tea, a direct result of our outreach campaigns linking owners with distributors of Fair Trade products. The outreach to Green Earth contained all of the steps of our outreach goals:

1) Educate the owner about what Fair Trade products exist. I got Transfair to answer his questions and doubts directly by being the info link between the certifier and the retailer.

2) Bring him the info that facilitates the process of ordering the products. I gave the owner the contact info of Mathieu at Alter-Eco so that he could order rice. Mathieu followed up by visiting the store with samples of rice, tea, and coffee, all of which the owner decided to carry.

3) After owner stocks FT products, bring him shelf talkers, etc. to help him market FT to his customers. I have taken stickers, pamphlets, shelf talkers, and posters to the store. Alter-Eco has ordered a giant end-display which will be installed within a few weeks. As a coalition, we also featured Green Earth and asked everyone to go there to show our support.