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World Fair Trade Day

"Do you want to save the world? How about a Fair Trade banana covered in Fair Trade chocolate spread? Very tasty and completely just." That's what many people heard at San Francisco's Embarcadero on Saturday when the Bay Area Fair Trade Coalition gave away Fair Trade Products to hundreds of people to raise awareness about the variety of Fair Trade options available.

The event was part of World Fair Trade Day, and our coalition was one of many organizations to participate. We brought a huge assortment of Fair Trade teas, coffees, bananas, chocolate, and sugar. We would explain the concept of Fair Trade to people who knew nothing at all, and allow people to take something that looked interesting to them. "Look for the label" was our simple message, and people in general were very excited by the variety of products and the ease with which you can identify a product as "Fair Trade Certified". We also handed out 100 Where-to-Buy lists for the San Francisco and East Bay Areas, giving people an easy way to find the FT products that they had just learned about. Overall, we feel we made a lasting impression on many people. One enthusiastic woman grabbed a Fair Trade candy bar and said,

"I've worked for Safeway for years, and I'm going to find out if we have any of this Fair Trade stuff. I know I've seen the kosher and organic labels, but I've never seen this one."