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SFBC Goes Fair Trade!

Dear Friends,

The Bay Area Fair Trade Coalition will be teaming up with the San Francisco Bike Coalition this month to promote Fair Trade and Bicycling as part of a healthy and sustainable commute.

Gas Free Fridays is a new campaign to promote bike riding as a response to soaring gas prices and this year they are making all of the giveaways at their energizer stations Fair Trade Certified. Built on the success of their popular Bike to Work Day, Gas Free Fridays will take place every Friday at a different location throughout the month of October, which also happens to be Fair Trade Month!

We hope that this action will inspire Fair Trade advocates and bicycle enthusiasts around the country to form new partnerships to educate consumers about the benefits of Fair Trade and cycling for farmers, workers and the environment.

There are already a number of Fair Trade cafes, cooperatives and companies involved in their local Bike to Work Day campaigns and using cycling as a sustainable alternative to not only deliver their crops to market on Fair Trade farms, but also to get the beans to the cafes here in the U.S. – and that’s not to mention your regular trips to the corner café!

Please read on for more info on this exciting event and thanks to Adina World Beat Beverages, Lara Bar, Sencha Naturals, Tony's Coffee and Real Foods Company for the generous donation of Fair Trade Certified bananas, energy bars, energy drinks and coffee to make this event a success!

Warm Regards,


Get on your bike and celebrate Gas-Free Fridays

The SFBC wants to encourage more people to substitute one short car trip with a bicycle trip every Friday this October. Download the Press Release (PDF).
In San Francisco, half of all driving trips are under two miles in length -- a distance easily travelled by bicycle. So, grab your bike and a friend or co-worker and pedal by one of the SFBC's energizer station to fuel up on free fair-trade certified coffee, tea, and snacks.

Want to encourage your friends and coworkers to ride? Organize a Bike Bus from your neighborhood to the Gas-Free Friday Energizer Station each Friday in October.
Energizer Station Locations:

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Oct. 3rd: Market and 12th Streets
Oct. 10th: Valencia and 17th Streets
Oct. 17th: Embarcadero (between the Ferry Building and Justin Herman Plaza
Oct. 24th: City Hall, Polk and Grove Streets
Oct. 31st: Folsom and 7th Streets

A special thanks to... TransFair USA, the Bay Area Fair Trade Coalition, Adina World Beat Beverages, Lara Bar, Sencha Naturals, Tony's Coffee and Real Foods Company for providing Fair Trade Certified coffee, tea and snacks for Car-Free Friday Energizer Stations.