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BART and Tully's Coffee Thank Riders With Fair Trade Coffee

January 31, 2008

" Free Fair Trade coffee - Thank you very much." A surprise for 50 thousand BART riders. BART and Tully's Coffe teamed up January 31st to give away a half million dollars worth of coffee. This rider thank you event is more than just a freebee - it's also about fair trade. Ryan Cohen: " A cup of coffee sells for like $3.25 or something in the United States and in the developing nation they get 30 cents for a sack that makes a hundred cups or something." Ryan Cohen volunteered to hand out these gift envelopes because she believes in fair trade. Ryan Cohen: " The farmers are getting the money that they deserve for the coffee that they have been farming their whole lives. " Each envelope features information about TransFair USA as well as a gift card good for a coffee drink and a coupon for coffee beans - all courtesy of Tully's. Tully's believes in fair trade too. It serves fair trade certified espresso. Jenn Rudolf: " This is a really nice way to tie in commuting, using public transportation, and Fair Trade certified coffee which benefits farmers and the environment." Before heading off to get their coffee, a few riders stopped to learn more. You can go to Jenn Rudolf: "Look for the Fair Trade certified label as much as possible in grocery stores, restaurants and cafes and ask for it when you don't see it." And you can look forward to three more rider thank you events from Tully's this year. Sign up for a chance to win free lattes for a year at Ryan Cohen: " If you drink a cup of Fair Trade coffee you know that your money is going to the right place." Jim Allison, BARTtv NEWS.