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New Fair Trade Judaica Website Launched!

I was recently forwarded this link to a new website that is spreading awareness about fair trade Judaica products! Below is an excerpt from their website:

In exploring the world of fair trade Judaica upon our return home, conversations with friends as well as owners of Judaica stores confirmed that there was much interest in promoting and purchasing fair trade Judaica items. Simply put, none of us had even known that this was possible.

Through long and involved Google research, it became clear that there are many Judaica items being made by fair trade producer groups around the world and marketed by non-profit organizations as well as companies.

Many of these products are used during holy days and rituals as we give blessings of thanks for the food we have, the freedom we’ve gained, and so much more. How wonderful that we can celebrate these riches in our lives by providing the makers of these products the opportunity to experience more freedom in their lives, earning a decent livelihood and working with dignity.