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BART Rider Appreciation Day Volunteers Needed!!

Do you ride BART to work? Do you enjoy a warm cup of Fair Trade Certified coffee as part of your morning commute? Well now you can do both and help raise awareness about Fair Trade as part of the BART Rider Thank You Day program.

Each year, BART gives back to the community by offering a series of free promotions to its riders. Sometimes it’s a free ride on BART, others it’s a sample from Jamba Juice or half-off your next purchase from a local bookseller. This year, BART will be teaming up with TransFair USA and Tully’s Coffee to make Fair Trade the centerpiece of its Rider Thank You Day program and a key component of its overall social justice and sustainability mission.

On the morning of Thursday, January 31st, volunteers in BART’s six busiest stations will hand out over 50,000 coupons for free Fair Trade espresso from Tully’s Coffee to commuters on the morning rush. This will be the culmination of a month long promotional campaign within BART including banners in all the stations, regular messages on all of the next train signs and possibly even advertisements within the trains themselves.

Needless to say, this is an historic moment for our movement in the Bay Area and a tremendous opportunity to encourage all of BART’s riders to make Fair Trade Certified coffee a part of their daily routine. BART is providing the platform, Tully’s is providing the coffee and we need you to provide the support! We will need 6 teams of 10 volunteers to make this event a success and we can’t do it without your help.

Are you available for a few hours before work to help us take advantage of this historic opportunity? Please volunteer today! For more information or to volunteer, please contact James Guzzi, 510-663-5260 x. 309 or email And mark your calendars!



PS. Do you or your organization have friends in the Bay Area? Please help spread the word!