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Global Exchange Fair Trade Chocolate Tasting and Talk

chocolate farmer

Divine Chocolate Tasting

Global Exchange Fair Trade Store

DATE: Tuesday, May 4th

TIME: 5:30pm Chocolate Tasting, 6pm Speaker

LOCATION: 4018 24th Street @ Noe Street

Meet a Fair Trade Chocolate Farmer!

Mr. Aduhene-Tano Kojo is the Recorder and Area president of the Fenaso-Domeabra Kuapa Kokoo Co-op in the Bekwai Area of Ghana. Mr. Kojo has been a member of Kuapa Kokoo since 1996 where he harvests about 10 bags of cocoa per year. Learn how Fair Trade has helped him to send his children to school and has benefited his whole community.

Taste Divine Chocolate!

At the heart of Divine's heavenly tasting chocolate there is a unique story. Not only do the Kuapa Kokoo farmers' receive a Fairtrade price for their cocoa, but they also own 45% of the company, therefore they have a direct influence over how the company is run and share in the profits from the chocolate.

Come hear about the direct benefits of Fair Trade!